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What do Educational Psychologists do?

Educational Psychology helps us understand how children learn, develop, feel and get along together.


FSP Psychologists have the following:


  • In-depth knowledge of psychological theories and their practical application

  • A thorough understanding of child development

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the education system and how children learn

  • Significant experience of working with children and young people

  • Cognitive assessments / Literacy assessments


First Step Psychology, Educational and Child Psychology Service
How do we work?
  • We offer consultation advice and training on how schools and carers might help children to learn effectively and to make the most of the education they recieve. Educational psychology helps us understand how children learn, develop, feel and get along together.


Who do we work with? 

  • School staff to develop ways of working with children as individuals and in groups.

  • Head teachers, SENCo’s, advisory teachers and education officers to develop approaches to teaching and learning.

  • Schools to provide guidance on managing whole school issues, such as reducing bullying, improving playground behaviour and teaching children to read.

  • Individual children / schools / social services parents and carers for children of school / college age.

  • Other professionals to complete joint assessment and intervention planning.

  • Parents to seek their views, as part of assessment, to plan intervention and to be part of the intervention plan.


Our Goals

  • Identify and overcome barriers to learning.


  • Assist parents, carers and teachers to develop interventions for children with needs such as:


- Emotional and motivational issues

- Attention difficulties and ADHD

- Literacy difficulties, including dyslexia Social communication difficulties, including autism.


  • Teach students how to work more efficiently and make the most of the potential they have.

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